Package Of Incentives for Small & Micro Enterprise in A & N Islands
  • Andaman & Nicobar Island Transport Subsidy programme for SME's.
  • As In Brochure
  • Andaman & Nicobar Inter Island Transport Subsidy programme for SME's
  • Andaman & Nicobar Capital Investment Subsidy programme for SME's
  • 50% Subsidy for procurement of Pollution Control Equipments, Captive

    power Generation sets, Solar Power, Wind Power, Bio Mass, Hydro Power & Water harvesting equipments for SME units in A & N Islands:-

  • 90% subsidy on copra dryer, Coir processing equipments, Bakery

    equipments, hand tools for General Engineering, Carpentry, Masonry and Handicrafts to Tribals

  • The following new programmes have been proposed in the Annual Plan 2009-10.
    a) Interest Free Loan to IT & ITES
    b) 50% subsidy to IT & ITES
  • For details about the incentives see Package of Incentives:-
    1) About MSME
    2) Island Tranport Subsidy
    3) Inter-Island Transport Subsidy
    4) Island Investment Subsidy
    5) Equipment Procurement Control Subsidy
    6) Equipment Procurement Control Subsidy (90% subsidy for tribals)
    7) Freight Subsidy