Handicraft Development
Unemployment is one of the major factor in the social structure of A & N Islands. Hence to improve the scenario, the Directorate of Industries recognizes that Handicraft Industry can play a major role in eradication of unemployment.
It has been estimted that around 500 artisans are involved in handicraft oriented work in the A & N Islands, but they face major difficulties in :
  • Marketing their products
  • Transportation problems.
Cluster Concept:
In order to overcome these difficulties and to facilitate the handicrafts industry, the concept of "Clusters" in this respect plays a vital role in organizing and consolidating the products produced by handicrafts person of similar trade. The clusters will be supported with basic amenities that will be provided by the Industries department.
Sagarika Emporium:
The Sagarika Emporium at Port Blair is one success story of the Industries department by which the units produce finished handicrafts products from locally available raw materialss and are facilitated with marketing assistance to sell their products through Emporiums. Initially, 08 units were covered and during the tenth five year plan this has extended to around 40 units as of 2009.
Value Added Products and Latets Designs :
In today's market, Design makes a difference in value of the product. As such, improvising design is a focus area during 11th five year plan. To encourage local artisans, awards are given to local craftsman. To get the knowledge of the changing techniques & design, it is proposed to send the local artisans to mainland in different institutes. The department also organizes design Development Workshop in association with DC(Handicrafts), from time to time.
Emporiums, Exhibitions and Fairs in Metropolitan cities :
It has been observed that handicrafts manufactured at A & N Islands are only marketable in these islands as emporiums are set up locally. Hence to give a broader exposure and insured marketing to these products, the Industries department is proposing for setting up emporia & show window of the handicraft products of A & N Islands in metropolitan cities