90% Subsidy on Copra dryer, Coir Processing & Bakery Equip. etc.
In order to uplift the socio economic development of Tribal of A & N Island, under the scheme the following tools, equipments, machinery & devices are supplied to individual tribal entrepreneurs, Self Help Group, Tuhet with all its members belonging to tribal population of A&N Islands on 90 % Subsidy :
  • Bakery equipments like table for preparation of dough, bakery oven, vessels tray which could be used for commercial production of bakery items
  • Hand tools/ all portable machines/ equipments for General Engineering, Carpentry, Masonry, Tailoring & Garment Making and Embroidery
  • Machinery and equipments required for Virgin Coconut Oil Extraction
  • Tools for making Handicrafts
Under the programme subsidy the aforementioned equipments and machinery shall be supplied to Tribal Entrepreneurs @ 90% subsidy subject to the maximum of Rs 50.00 Thousand for individual tribal entrepreneur and subject to the maximum of Rs 2.50 Lakhs for Self Help Group, Tuhet with all its members. The subsidy scheme shall remain in operation till 31st March, 20.
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Forms of Copra Dryer Subsidy