Fisheries Sector
The Islands offer a vast marine potential for the fishing and marine sector,owing to a long coastline of 1912 Km with an exclusive economic zone of 6.00 lakh sq km accounting to 30% of the total EEZ of the Country (20.20 lakh sq Km) and a unique and rare marine habitat. The estimated annual fishery potential of A & N island is 1.48 lakh tons constituting about 3.8 percent of fisheries potential of the country (39 lakh tons). The present level of catch is only 28,000 tons (18.92 percent). It has been estimated that tuna fishery resource alone can account for 44 percent (64,500 Tons).
As In Brochure
  • Some of the significant projects in Fisheries Sector are :
  • Establishment of 18 fish landing centers of which four are under construction and for

    the rest feasibility study is in progress.

  • There is a requirement gap for 15 Ton Ice plant which can be established under PPP.
  • Potential for investment in Fishing, Processing, Storage, Transportation, Marketing

    and Export of various fish and fish products including tuna and tuna like fishes.

  • Potential for investment for Culture of fish and shell fishes in bays and in shore


  • Scope for coastal aqua culture.
  • Scope for sports fishing.
  • Scope for fresh water fish culture.