Starting An Industry In A & N Islands
The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are located in the Bay of Bengal at a distance of around 1200 km from the Mainland of India. This is normally seen as a Constraint in the Development of Industries in the islands. However, it only takes a business mind with a clear vision, approach and strategy to convert this challenge into an opportunity.
The Islands occupy an unique place in the landscape of the country as there are several factors which contribute to make the islands a perfect destination for prospective investors to start industries in the state. These include :
  • The work force in the islands are loyal and committed to remain in the islands, so there is little attrition.
  • The average expectations of wages by the worker is much less than the national average, so the manpower costs in running the industries is cheaper than the other states.
  • The general industrial climate is very peacefull with workers aligning closely with the management of the industries, so the industries run smoothly without disturbances like strikes etc.
  • The uniqueness of the Islands provides the ideal condition for establishment of industries using local talent and specialized domain knowledge in sectors like shipping, port operations etc.
  • The sectors of Tourism, Value added Fishing, Shipping services etc., provide an attractive environment for the industries to flourish.
  • The Govt. Of India have recognized the importance of the Islands being strategically located with security concerns, so many attractive incentives are provided to prospective investors to start an industry in the islands. There are also incentives to run an industry profitably.
  • The A & N Administration facilitates the prospective investors by all possible means, so that the industries are set up with minimum time, provide for a good ROI (Return on Investment) to the business promoter and help in maintaining smooth industrial relations.
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