Birth and Death Information System
"Registrar of Births & Deaths, Andaman & Nicobar Administration"
  Today's date:  17/02/2020  
Welcome to Birth & Death registration System (BIRDS)

The BIRDS system was conceived by NIC, Andaman in 2006 as a single "Web Point interface" among (1) The registration centres of A & N Administration who maintain records relating to birth and death events that take place in the state (2) The other stakeholders who monitor the activities and (3) The various organizations in Govt and private domain who have use of the data originating from digitized birth and death records. The purpose was to design an integrated online system that can provide a wide range of services to the various entities involved, viz.

(1) Ordinary Citizens who can see their birth records details in internet.
(2) Registration centres to perform online registration in the website, from their office.
(3) The office of Registrar of Birth and Death, Port Blair to monitor in online mode, birth and death registration activities done at the various registration       centres throughout the state.
(4) Other offices of A & N Administration who can use the BIRDS data for their office specific functions.
(5) Office of Registrar General of India (RGI), Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India, to dynamically generate all yearly tables as per the specified       formats.
(6) Provide a facility for researchers, analysts, policy makers to use the date for their needs.

In order to achieve these objectives, the BIRDS project started with primary task of capturing of Birth and Death records in online environment and to provide online facility for citizens to view "Gist of Birth certificate" for registered births in A & N Islands. The entire data of registered Births (around 2.51 lakh records) and Deaths (around 0.44 lakh records) as on date, that have taken place in UT from 1982 has been digitized and published in BIRDS website for free access by citizens. This database covers all births and deaths that have taken place from all over the A & N Islands and duly registered in registration centres of Directorate of Health Services (DHS), A & N Administration.

The citizen can view "Gist of the Birth Certificate", in same format as legal Birth certificate, in Internet freely. However, as per existing laws of A & N Administration, the "Gist" is for information purpose only and cannot be used as a legal document. As on date, the Birth certificate signed by Registration centres only hold legal value. To obtain legal Birth certificate, citizen can download "Gist" and approach the nearest registration centre in A & N Islands who have the authority to issue Legal Birth certificate. The system provides facility, through secured access rights, for registration centres, to perform online registration of births and deaths taking place within their jurisdiction, so that live and updated data is available for all stakeholders.

Over the years, the scope of BIRDS system has been enhanced and enlarged to cover other major objectives envisaged. BIRDS portal now generates all monthly and periodical reports required by the centres as per specified formats of RGI.The system facilitates Registrar and Chief Registrar of Birth and Death, Port Blair to monitor, in online mode, birth and death registration activities being performed at registration centres, through secured access rights. MIS facility is available to trace registration centres that are not updating details in website, based on past years data pattern.

Access facility is now extended in BIRDS website to other agencies like RGI and offices of A & N Administration, like "Police", "Elections", "Education", "Civil Supplies" etc., to access BIRDS portal and download birth and death records for a given period. The download can be made in both textual reports as well as in XML format for easy integration with specific databases at the respective offices.

Finally, BIRDS portal provides an easy-to-use, light weight and updated database for policy makers, researchers, students and analysts to study the population pattern in A & N Islands across the years and across the geographical diversity of A & N Islands.

AS BIRDS project follows RGI guidelines for Inputs, processing, outputs, work flow and business rules, it can be readily implemented in other states in the Country that follow the same guidelines.

The BIRDS project is developed by NIC, Andaman entirely in Web based environment using the open source technology stack of Linux, Apache, My SQL and PHP. The software code is encrypted and encoded using third party licensed software, for better security.

For more details on BIRDS project, please contact Project Coordinator (BIRDS) Project at NIC, Andaman in the following address:

Government of India
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
Department of Electronics and Information Technology
National Informatics Centre, Andaman State Unit
GPOA Complex of CPWD,
Port Blair, A & N Islands.
Phone: 03192 232733, e-mail: